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Fast builder of Censys search queries.
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CensysGPT Beta is a tool that simplifies the process of building effective and efficient Censys search queries. The tool is designed to empower users to perform proactive reconnaissance operations by providing quick and easy access to insights about hosts on the internet.

By streamlining the query building process, CensysGPT Beta enables users to spend more time on threat hunting and exposure management.The tool is actively being improved and feedback is welcomed.

The Censys search query examples provided in the tool demonstrate its ability to generate different types of queries such as converting legacy Censys queries to the new query language or translating Shodan, Zoomeye, and BinaryEdge queries.

Users can also generate their own queries using advanced settings, although it is advised that more creative queries may not be as accurate.It is important to note that CensysGPT Beta leverages OpenAI GPT for query processing, which means that query data collected is shared with OpenAI.

However, Censys has opted out of allowing that data to be used to improve OpenAI models. JavaScript must be enabled for the tool to function properly.Overall, CensysGPT Beta is a useful tool for those looking to efficiently generate Censys search queries and obtain insights about hosts on the internet.

CensysGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Fast query builder
Proactive reconnaissance operations
Quick access to insights
Streamlines query process
Actively improved
Generates different query types
Converts legacy queries
Translates Shodan queries
Translates Zoomeye queries
Translates BinaryEdge queries
Advanced settings for customization
Example queries provided
Transfer query data discretion
Continuous model updates
API documentation available
Privacy policy transparency
Terms of service clarity
Feedback system
Exposure management tool
Unique Censys integration
JavaScript supportive
User creativity encouragement


Requires JavaScript
Inaccuracy with creative queries
Limited example queries
No offline functionality
No API mentioned
No multilingual support
Beta version uncertainties


What is CensysGPT Beta?
How does CensysGPT Beta work?
Can you convert old Censys queries with CensysGPT Beta?
What types of search queries can CensysGPT Beta generate?
What is the purpose of the advanced settings in CensysGPT Beta?
What is OpenAI GPT and how is it involved with CensysGPT Beta?
What does CensysGPT Beta do with the data gathered from my queries?
How can I provide feedback on CensysGPT Beta?
Why is JavaScript necessary for CensysGPT Beta to function?
What sort of information can I discover about internet hosts using CensysGPT Beta?
Why are more creative queries potentially less accurate in CensysGPT Beta?
Can I convert Shodan, Zoomeye, or BinaryEdge queries with CensysGPT Beta?
How does the query generation feature work in CensysGPT Beta?
How can CensysGPT Beta help in threat hunting and exposure management?
Can CensysGPT Beta generate a Censys query from a description?
What does 'more creative' mean under advanced settings in CensysGPT Beta?
How can I submit a query I expected to generate on CensysGPT Beta?
What are the limitations of CensysGPT Beta?
What steps are taken to update the CensysGPT Beta model?
Is the query data collected by CensysGPT Beta used to improve OpenAI models?

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