Code optimization 2024-02-03
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Your Automated Product Security Engineer.
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Pixeebot is an automated product security engineer that optimizes code by identifying vulnerabilities, hardening code, and resolving bugs. This gives developers more time to focus on their core tasks.

Pixeebot continuously observes software repositories and pull requests, providing high quality fixes instantly, thus ensuring high quality code. It integrates seamlessly into your workflow by re-writing your code without disrupting productivity.

Pixeebot is compatible with local development environments and is part of the GitHub app. It is also able to address security-related code improvements by automatically transforming code scan results into pull requests, alleviating the accumulation of security tickets.

Additionally, Pixeebot can enhance performance and make other quality code fixes. It is built upon the open source Codemodder framework which allows developers to construct their own codemods and deploy them using Pixeebot.

Its services extend beyond simply securing code and it is committed to improving code performance and quality overall.


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Pros and Cons


Optimizes code
Identifies vulnerabilities
Hardens code
Resolves bugs
Observes software repositories
Instant high quality fixes
Re-writes code seamlessly
Compatible with local environments
Part of the GitHub app
Automated transformation of code scan results into PRs
Reduces security tickets
Improves performance
Quality code fixes
Based on open source Codemodder framework
Users can construct own codemods
Deploys custom codemods
Beyond securing code
Improves code overall performance
Improves code overall quality
Immediate and constant fixes
Frees up developers' time
Github Pull requests automation
Does not disrupt productivity
CLI for local development
Can use user's current programming language
Automated PRs for security vulnerabilities
Automatic vulnerability remediation
Security, performance and quality improvement
Custom codemods deployment
Appreciated by industry experts
Documentation in pull request
Streamlines security audits
Non-stop security fixes
Targets security, not just detection
Trim down security backlogs
Aligns with developer pace


Limited language support
Works only with GitHub
Requires integration with IDE
Exclusively focuses on security
No standalone application
Depends on Codemodder framework
No manual control over fixes
Limited base framework customization
Potential disruption in code consistency
Lack of support for private repositories


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What is the Codemodder framework that Pixeebot is built on?
Can Pixeebot enhance code performance?
What other quality code fixes can Pixeebot provide?
How does Pixeebot alleviate the accumulation of security tickets?
Does Pixeebot work with different programming languages?
Can I construct my own codemods with Pixeebot?
How can Pixeebot help with code optimization?
What is Pixeebot’s impact on productivity?
How does Pixeebot work with software repositories and pull requests?
What is Pixee CLI and how is it related to Pixeebot?
What is the advantage of using Pixeebot over a traditional security expert?
How can Pixeebot help in reducing my security ticket backlog?

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