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Merging skills for coding efficiency at all levels.
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Code Confluence is a GPT that merges various coding skills to promote efficiency at all different user levels. Its primary goal is to support users in formatting and optimizing codes, checking syntax, and providing suggestions for cleaner code formats.

Code Confluence works by interacting with users based on various prompt starters, making it effective in understanding the users' needs and recommended actions.

It can adapt to the needs of both beginners who need assistance understanding the basics of code formatting and syntax checking, as well as advanced coders who require sophisticated functions like code optimization.

It asks users about their project goals to better assist them in achieving their desired coding outcomes. Code Confluence is activated on top of ChatGPT and users are required to sign up to the underlying ChatGPT Plus platform to utilize this tool.

This integration with ChatGPT gives users an interactive and flexible approach to coding, providing personalized feedback and recommendations to improve their coding efficiency.

In addition to this, the tool helps users achieve high-quality software by providing potential solutions and improvements to their codes. Thus, Code Confluence is more than just a coding tool; it's a collaborative partner for users aiming to improve their coding proficiency and productivity.


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