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Your caddy for ML coding in JAX, PyTorch & GGML
GPT welcome message: Hi, I'm ML Caddy! Let's explore JAX, PyTorch, and GGML coding together!
Sample prompts:
How can I optimize this JAX code?
Explain backpropagation in PyTorch for beginners.
Suggest improvements for my GGML model.
Help me understand this JAX error.
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ML Caddy is a GPT designed to help with machine learning coding in JAX, PyTorch, and GGML. Developed by, this particular GPT is aimed towards programmers and data scientists who are catering to the demands in the field of artificial intelligence.

ML Caddy serves as a virtual caddy for code optimization, offering suggestions to improve models, and even assisting with understanding and debugging programming errors.

As such, ML Caddy can dramatically streamline the coding process and enable coders to enhance their ML models, deepening their understanding of JAX, PyTorch, and GGML coding.

The offering includes prompt starters focused on leveraging ML platforms. These range from code optimization and understanding complex errors to fundamental tutorial-like requests such as the explanation of backpropagation within PyTorch for beginners.

ML Caddy falls under the category of a tool-extension for ChatGPT, and as a consequence, requires ChatGPT Plus. With ML Caddy, the user engagement with machine learning models and coding ML algorithms can become a smoother, more intuitive, and educative experience.


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