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ByTeddy Pena
Optimizing code with file and web browsing capabilities.
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Code Optimizer is a GPT designed to assist in optimizing code for enhanced performance. The tool can objectively scrutinize your code and offer recommendations for improvement.

Particular strengths include identifying areas in your code that can be made more efficient or adhere to the most current best practices, thus enhancing your script's overall performance.

Also, it allows you to upload code snippets which it can optimize. This GPT is not limited to local files only. It also provides file and web browsing features.

This means you can utilize web resources directly into your coding environment, thereby making it a versatile tool for optimizing and improving your code.

The GPT suggests optimized versions of your functions to help you learn ways to refine your code. The Code Optimizer GPT is a valuable asset for any coder, ranging from novices working on their first scripts to experienced developers looking to maintain modern, efficient practices.

However, please note that access to the GPT might require ChatGPT Plus. The onboarding process is straightforward, featuring a convenient welcoming message: 'Hi! Ready to optimize your code for better performance?'.

The prompt starters guide users on how to interact effectively with the tool.


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