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ByRyan J Topps
Reviews and optimizes your code effortlessly.
GPT welcome message: Hi, I'm Code Guru! Ready to optimize and document your code?
Sample prompts:
Can you review this code snippet?
Can you please write a pull request for this code?
Can you please generate me a function that I will describe in the next prompt and write unit tests for it?
Can you write the unit tests for this code?
Can you add comments to this code?
Can you optimize this code with changing it interface?
Can you optimize this code?
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Code Guru is a GPT built on top of ChatGPT, designed to assist in various coding tasks. Its main function is to review and optimize code. Code Guru can scrutinize code for potential errors or inefficiencies and suggest ways to improve it.

One of the notable abilities of this tool is its capacity to write pull requests, a crucial element in many collaborative coding environments. Code Guru not only generates new functions based on specific prompts but also optimizes existing ones.

This creates a more streamlined and high-quality code, potentially offering significant time savings for developers. In addition to this, the tool also writes unit tests for code, helping ensure its proper functioning before deployment.

Another key feature of Code Guru is its ability to comment on existing code. This functionality is particularly helpful in team-based projects where readability and understanding of the code are essential.

By adding the appropriate comments and descriptions, Code Guru enhances the clarity and maintainability of the code. The tool engages via a chat interface and provides a variety of prompt starters to tailor the help to the specific needs of the user.

This GPT can be particularly useful for both novice coders looking for assistance and more experienced developers seeking to expedite their coding process.


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