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Customizable 3D modeling & asset creation for industries
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3Daily is an online platform that utilizes AI technology to create AI Generated 3D Models. The tool offers a range of services for 3D modeling, including character creation, art generation, props, and game assets.

It aims to revolutionize the 3D design process with its patent-pending Generative AI Technology.The platform provides a Character Creator feature that allows users to transform 2D images into 3D characters, streamlining the character design process.

Additionally, users can access a store with pre-created 3D assets suitable for various gaming platforms, such as console, mobile, PC, and VR.In terms of industry solutions, 3Daily caters to the gaming sector by offering an asset creation and management platform for 3D characters, rigged models, objects, wearables, and props.

It also provides solutions for the entertainment industry, enabling users to enhance projects with photo-realistic 3D human assets for advertising, marketing, animation, and more.

Furthermore, 3Daily offers assets specifically designed for blockchain games and metaverse platforms, as well as high-quality 3D assets for the casino gaming industry.The tool also supports 3D printing, providing a wide range of printable models and figurines.

Additionally, 3Daily offers custom-made 3D characters, props, and casino assets created by their expert designers. The platform further includes features like face customization in real time during gameplay, allowing users to replace game characters' faces with any human.Overall, 3Daily provides an innovative solution for AI Generated 3D Models, catering to various industries and offering a range of customizable assets and services.


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Jan 20, 2024
Platform who is working on to empower 3d artist and supporting them rather than repalcing them like other AI tools
Jan 20, 2024
Great Platform who is supporting the artist community and empowering them unlike other AI tools who are replacing them

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Pros and Cons


3D modeling & asset creation
Character Creator feature
Transforms 2D images into 3D
3D assets for gaming
Supports console, mobile, PC, VR
Offers industry-specific solutions
Assets for blockchain games
3D assets for casinos
Supports 3D printing
Provides printable models
Offers customization services
Real-time face customization
Suitable for different industries
Pre-created 3D assets
Asset management platform
Cloud-based storage solution
Can create 3D NFTs
3D models for entertainment
Photo-realistic 3D human assets
Unique 3D Characters, Props
High and low poly assets
Online platform convenience
Range of customizable assets
Rigged models for game development
Casino Gaming 3D assets
3D Printed Figurines
Characters for game animation
In-Game Avatar & Character Creation


No API mentioned
Potential waitlist
Limited to human models
No clear price information
Unclear file type support
Possibly complex character customization
Lack specific training resources
Unspecified cloud storage capacity
Not open-source
No offline capabilities


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