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Creation of high-quality 3D models from existing images.
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3DFY.ai is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that enables the creation of high-quality 3D models with just a few existing images. It is designed to meet the growing demand for 3D content, which has been limited by the time-consuming, expensive, and non-scalable methods of photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and manual creation.

Through their AI-powered 3D generation pipeline, 3DFY.ai eliminates the need for human labor and ensures 3D models adhere to modern quality standards.

The tool can be used for individual self-expression, mass generation of 3D models for business purposes, or for creating 3D virtual objects based on textual prompts.

It also provides services for online retail, gaming, AR/VR, and simulation, and can transform object projections, sketches, and concept art into an initial 3D model.

3DFY.ai can be used to create 3D assets in a variety of industries with its text-to-3D web service (3DFY Prompt Playground), text-to-3D API (3DFY Prompt API), massive 3D dataset generation service (3DFY Megapacks), and image-to-3D service (3DFY Image).


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Mar 7, 2024
So it only does Sofas Tables and a few other items, a start up credit of ten(10) tries then done until you pay. The models look like they are done in a simple 3d render environment and useful for a few thing if you need an image of it you can snap a picture, if you need the model you have to buy credits. -- If you have to make a lot of items for a city or simulation, should prove useful. I don't find the AI responding well to the few prompts i entered and the result was far from expected. Quite un-creative actually. What is does good at is simple furniture very few people would buy. A few random items i tried was hardly enough to get a good feel for the system. As the AI clearly didn't expect some of my prompt key words. Or even process them to my knowledge. Simple interface is clean and useful although the options are just a text box and item type you want. You can then either wait or go off and generate more items as they show up in your list of items on the side. The low wait times are nice. Given a wider range of creativity and knowledge it has potential for sure. I may try it again next season. @midlarts
Jun 18, 2023
There only few categories of items can be generate. And they have 10 free tokens to generate and 0 to download. So it's not free app.

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Pros and Cons


High-quality 3D models
Creates from existing images
Eliminates human labor
Specially built for scalability
Supports individual and business purposes
Transforms object projections into 3D
Turns sketches into 3D models
Generates from text prompts
Provides massive 3D datasets
Offers image-to-3D service
Used in various industries
Promotes individual self-expression
Text-to-3D web service available
Text-to-3D API for enterprises
Supports AR/VR and simulation
Creates for online retail and gaming
Reduces need for expensive traditional methods
Custom collections of 3D items
Teams up with autonomous cars
Helps create 3D storefronts
Accelerates 3D assets pipeline
Massive 3D dataset service
Quality adherence to modern standards
Automated without compromising quality


Limited to 3D models
No offline availability
No direct file export
Dependent on image quality
May require high bandwidth
No real-time collaboration features
No built-in editing tools
Limited industry applications
Requires knowledge of 3D modeling
No mobile app version


What is 3DFY.ai?
How does 3DFY.ai create high-quality 3D models from images?
What industries can benefit from 3DFY.ai?
How does 3DFY.ai ensure the quality of the generated 3D models?
Can 3DFY.ai be used for creating individual 3D models?
What are the services provided by 3DFY.ai?
How can I use the text-to-3D web service, 3DFY Prompt Playground?
What does 3DFY Prompt API offer for enterprise integrations?
How can 3DFY Megapacks support my business?
What kind of 3D models can 3DFY.ai generate?
Is there a waiting list for 3DFY Prompt?
How does 3DFY.ai compare to traditional methods like photogrammetry and 3D scanning?
How can 3DFY.ai generate 3D models from textual prompts?
Is there any limit to the amount of 3D models that 3DFY.ai can create?
How is automation incorporated into 3DFY.ai's technology?
What is 3DFY Image and how does it work?
Can gaming industry make use of 3DFY.ai?
How does 3DFY.ai facilitate AR/VR content creation?
Does 3DFY.ai's AI infrastructure have any unique features?
Is there a beta version of 3DFY Prompt Playground that I could try?


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