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Create 3D content using AI effortlessly.
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Atlas is an AI tool designed to streamline the process of creating 3D content. Users can generate detailed and diverse 3D models with the aid of reference images and text input.

It employs cutting-edge generative 3D AI technology to facilitate the creation of assets and virtual world, aiming to greatly reduce the time taken using conventional methods.

The tool generates clean geometric models with semantic segmentations and UV mappings, ensuring visually appealing and well-structured outputs complete with the necessary PBR material maps.

Utilizing an end-to-end workflow system, Atlas offers a suite of diverse AI tools, covering the whole process from 3D concepting to runtime generation.

For customization according to unique style references, Atlas can create an AI tailored to these references, allowing the generation of unique game-ready assets.

It interfaces with major gaming and 3D engines, providing a smooth and non-destructive workflow for its users.


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Atlas was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates 3D content rapidly
Suite of diverse tools
End-to-end workflow system
Generates clean geometric models
Semantic segmentations and UV mappings
Includes PBR material maps
Generates game-ready assets
Interfaces with gaming engines
Non-destructive workflow
Generates detailed 3D models
Facilitates virtual world creation
200x efficiency gains
Supports creation from text
Compatible with major 3D engines
Useful for AR and VR
Ideal for World Building
Creates structured model outputs
Quality asset generation
Closed IP loop for diversity
Boosts creativity by reducing time
Text-to-3D capabilities
Designed for large scale projects
Easily handles thousands of buildings
Recommended for designers
Generates unique architectural styles
Quick iteration on geometries and textures


No offline version
Reference based limitations
Unspecified processing power requirements
No explicit user permissions
Possible compatibility issues
Third-party engine dependency
No open-source version
No inference speed details
Unavailable for mobile platforms


What is Atlas?
What can Atlas generate using AI?
What is the unique feature of Atlas that sets it apart from other AI tools?
How does Atlas reduce the time taken to create 3D content?
What is the 'end-to-end workflow system' that Atlas offers?
Can I customize Atlas based on unique style references?
What are PBR material maps and how does Atlas use them?
What does a non-destructive workflow mean in Atlas?
How does Atlas interface with major gaming and 3D engines?
How does Atlas apply semantic segmentation in its operations?
What inputs are needed to generate 3D models in Atlas?
In what ways can Atlas aid in the creation of game-ready assets?
How efficient is Atlas in generating assets?
Can Atlas be used for creation of virtual worlds?
How does Atlas ensure the output is visually appealing and well-structured?
What kind of test-to-3D capabilities does Atlas have?
Can I use Atlas for architecture and level design projects?
In what ways can Atlas help in augmenting reality using AI?
Can Atlas be used for world building in virtual realities?
What kinds of platforms support the use of Atlas?


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