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Effortless 3D design for indie creators.
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Masterpiece Studio is a revolutionary 3D creative suite designed to make 3D design effortless and accessible to indie creators. It features a powerful 3D Generative AI which can generate 3D models from text prompts or images and videos.

This AI can be used to edit and remix models, as well as optimize and deploy them to Unity or other creative projects. Masterpiece Studio is designed to be easy to use, with features such as Auto-UV, Auto-Rig and more to accelerate the creative process.

Furthermore, the team behind Masterpiece Studio has been involved in pushing the boundaries of 3D creation tools for over 7+ years, and their work has been recognized by industry leaders.

It is an ideal tool for developers and businesses interested in creating their own creative apps or virtual worlds.


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Masterpiece Studio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 29th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates 3D models from text
Generates 3D models from images
Generates 3D models from videos
Allows editing and remixing of models
Optimizes and deploys models to Unity
Auto-UV feature
Auto-Rig feature
Accelerates creative process
Ideal for indie creators
Suitable for app developers
Suitable for virtual world creators
7+ years of experience
Recognized by industry leaders
Cloud-based model storage
Real-time model deployment
Can deploy to game projects
Award-winning development team
Text-to-3D generation
Image to 3D generation
Video to 3D generation
Mesh texturing and rigging capabilities
Diffuse color capabilities
4K model rendering
Toon shading capabilities
Unreal engine support


No offline mode
Limited to Unity deployment
No versioning system
Incomplete 3D modelling
No Mac support
No direct customer support
No integration with other tools
No batch processing
No multi-user support


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Can I generate 3D models from images or videos in Masterpiece Studio?
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In Masterpiece Studio, how are 3D models stored, optimized, and deployed?
Can I use in-app AI like Auto-UV or Auto-Rig to accelerate my creativity in Masterpiece Studio?
Who is the target audience for Masterpiece Studio?
What is the Masterpiece Studio Pro?
How can Masterpiece Studio impact the future of 3D creation?
Has Masterpiece Studio received any recognition or awards?
What about privacy policy at Masterpiece Studio?


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