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Create 3D design assets from your SVG
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Glyf is an AI tool designed for creating 3D design assets from SVG files. The purpose of this tool is to transform SVGs into different styles, allowing designers to create variations and high-quality visual components for a wide range of applications.

One of the unique features of glyf is its ability to generate 3D models based on the SVG file input. This can be tailored to closely follow the shape of the SVG with varying degrees of precision, offering the flexibility to create a range of outcomes, from stylised versions to highly accurate renditions.

The tool also offers the ability to modify properties including style, color palette, and model strength. Styles such as the 'glass' option can apply nuanced artistic refractions, enhancing the visual appeal of the 3D assets.

The color palette function lets users customize the appearance of their models, while the model strength setting allows the degree of deviation from the original SVG shape to be controlled.

Through an interactive interface, the tool enables users to edit and adapt these settings to achieve the desired results. In addition, a 'seed' feature can be used to generate different variations of the 3D design, expanding the range of potential outcomes the tool can create.By converting SVG assets into customizable 3D models, glyf offers a new dimension to design and visualization processes, bringing with it exciting opportunities for creativity and innovation in the field of digital design.


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Pros and Cons


Creates 3D from SVG
High-quality visual components
Generates multiple design styles
Offers stylized to accurate renditions
Style, color palette, model strength customization
Seed feature for variations
Interactive interface
Applies artistic refractions
Supports design and visualization
Enables creativity and innovation
Adaptable model strength
Choice of model strength
Color palette customization
Range of potential outcomes
SVG asset upload
Transparent glass style available
Guided customization


Only works with SVG files
Precision varies
Limited styles available
Color palette limitations
Inaccuracy in model strength
Over dependence on 'seed' feature
Limited 3D design variations
Rigid interactive interface
Non-intuitive customization options
Potential misinterpretation of SVG shape


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Can Glyf create different variations of 3D design?
How does Glyf contribute to creativity and innovation in design?
What type of interactive interface does Glyf have?
Is Glyf suited for both professional and amateur designers?
How can Glyf follow the shape of SVG with varying degrees of precision?
Does Glyf only convert SVG assets to 3D models?
Can I edit and adapt 3D model settings in Glyf?
How does the 'seed' feature in Glyf generate variations of a design?
How does Glyf deal with artistic refractions?
What kind of styles can I create in Glyf?
Can Glyf help in creating high-quality visual components?


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