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Personalized tutoring & skill development companion

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Bloom is an AI tool designed to enhance learning experiences and promote critical skill development. It is an always-on and always-engaged learning companion that can be accessed through the group messaging app Discord.

Bloom acts as a theory-of-mind-optimized Socratic interlocutor, providing personalized tutoring in various subjects. It utilizes generative language models, with the current version being GPT-4, to create unique conversations that offer novel insights.The tool is free to use and can be accessed on the dedicated server hosted on Discord.

Users can engage with Bloom through direct messaging, ensuring privacy in conversations. It can be used for 1:1 tutoring, group study, or classroom activities at any time for an unlimited duration.Bloom's engineering was developed by a team with expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and classroom teaching.

It combines pedagogical principles such as Aristotelian tutoring, Socratic dialectics, and student-centered pedagogy to offer an effective learning experience.

The creators, Plastic Labs, are committed to making educational services accessible to all learners and aim to provide each student with a unique personal learning companion.With a focus on native language fluency and personalized education, Bloom aims to replicate the teaching methods of an Aristotelian tutor.

It encourages learners to master written language and believes in the importance of individual tutors for every student. The tool also employs measures for learner safety, including moderation of harmful speech and the presence of human moderators within the Bloom server.Overall, Bloom is an AI learning tool that combines language models with teaching methods to provide personalized tutoring and promote critical skills in a safe and accessible manner.

Bloom was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 23rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized tutoring
Accessible on Discord
24/7 availability
Direct messaging
Can be used for group study
Can be used for classroom activities
Unlimited usage
Free to use
Pedagogical principles applied
Encourages mastery of written language
Moderation for safety
Elimination of harmful speech
Human moderators presence
Native language fluency focus
Supports critical thinking skills
Custom solutions for classrooms
Aristotelian tutoring methodology
Socratic dialectics application
Generative language models utilization
Student-centered pedagogy
Individual tutors for everyone
Offers unique conversations
Helps develop research skills
Guided steps for getting started


Lacks subject variety
Can promote cheating
Strict dependency on Discord
Requires strong internet connection
No voice support
Lacks concrete knowledge assessment
Potential inappropriate dialogues
Reliant on generative model
Lacks human touch
Not ideal for visual learners


What is Bloom?
What specific principles does Bloom implement in its pedagogical approach?
Is Bloom only useful for individual-based learning or can it also assist with group studies or classroom activities?
What AI model does Bloom use for its system?
How can I access Bloom?
How expensive is it to use Bloom?
What steps were taken to ensure the safety of learners using Bloom?
Who are the creators of Bloom?
How do I chat privately with Bloom?
How does Bloom personalize my learning experience?
What topics or subjects can Bloom assist me with?
Is Bloom available 24/7?
How does Bloom emulate the Socratic method in its system?
What platform is Bloom hosted on?
Does Bloom provide a unique conversation for every single user?
Are there any prerequisites or requirements to use Bloom?
What's the teaching philosophy behind Bloom?
Who are the intended users for Bloom?
How does Bloom handle potential cases of harmful speech?
Is there any interaction with human operators or moderators when using Bloom?

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