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Manages data and provides machine learning solutions.
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Sweephy is a platform that provides no-code data cleaning, data preparation, and machine learning (ML) services for various business cases. It offers specialized development for each business case and allows on-premise setup for data privacy.

Sweephy is listed on HubSpot and provides a 50% discount for new users. The platform's ML modules include general visualization, text classification, lookalike checks, data profiling, and question to Excel.

There are also upcoming modules, and users can request new models. Sweephy integrates with various data sources, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Zendesk, and HubSpot.

Users can also receive specialized data management support from Sweephy's team at a monthly starting price of $500. Additionally, Sweephy can assist businesses in creating custom ML models to extract maximum value from their data.

The platform is suitable for those who want to save time and reduce errors while working with data. It is easy to use, with an intuitive interface that lets users create and deploy machine learning models without coding.

Sweephy has received positive reviews from over 100 clients from 15 different countries, describing it as a powerful tool for data cleansing, data management, and ML services.


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Jul 26, 2023
Sweephy's combination of no-code data cleaning, data preparation, and ML services, along with its focus on specialized development for various business cases and on-premise setup for data privacy, makes it a potentially attractive option for organizations looking to streamline their data workflows and leverage machine learning capabilities effectively. I will highly recommend it!

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Pros and Cons


No-code data cleaning
No-code ML deployment
Specialized development for business
On-premise setup for privacy
Listed on HubSpot
Provides new user discount
ML for text classification
Lookalike checks feature
Data profiling module
Question to Excel feature
User-requested models development
Integrates with multiple databases
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle support
Microsoft SQL, Zendesk integration
Supports HubSpot integration
Offers specialized data support
Custom ML models creation
Positive user reviews
User-friendly intuitive interface
Aids in reducing errors
Free modules available
Discount via HubSpot


No Salesforce integration
Expensive support services
Requires external data integration
No code interface limits customizability
Upcoming modules uncertain
Specific tool request turn-around unclear
Lacks broad third-party software integration
Hard for tech-savvy users
On-premises setup complexity


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What is Sweephy's pricing model?
How does Sweephy assist businesses in creating custom ML models?
How user-friendly is Sweephy?
What customer reviews has Sweephy received?
Does Sweephy provide support services?
How can new users get a discount on Sweephy?
What are the upcoming modules in Sweephy?
Can users request new models on Sweephy?
What is the process for on-premise setup in Sweephy?
Does Sweephy provide solutions for data cleaning and data preparation?
How is Sweephy suitable for those who want to save time and reduce errors while working with data?
Can Sweephy assist in getting maximum value from business data?
How does text classification work in Sweephy?

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