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Transforms media into data insights for marketing.
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Speak Ai is an AI tool which helps marketing and research teams turn unstructured audio, video and text into actionable insights. It has a suite of automated transcription and natural language processing (NLP) software which can be used to generate data-driven insights from audio and video recordings, as well as text.

It also has a range of other features such as Amazon Reviews Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Data Visualization, Embeddable Audio & Video Recorder, Free Analysis Tools, Integrations, Professional Transcription Services, Speak APIs, Shareable Media Repository, Speak Magic AI Text Prompts, SWOT Analysis, Twitter Sentiment Analysis, and more.

It also has a range of resources such as blog posts, office hours podcast, video tutorials, transcript samples, help docs, and supported audio and video formats.

It also offers guides on how to transcribe a Zoom meeting and a Microsoft Teams Meeting. Speak Ai is suitable for enterprise, researchers, marketers, and provides flexible pricing options.


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Pros and Cons


Automated transcription
Natural Language Processing
Amazon Reviews Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Data Visualization
Embeddable Audio & Video Recorder
Free Analysis Tools
Professional Transcription Services
Speak APIs
Shareable Media Repository
SWOT Analysis
Twitter Sentiment Analysis
Supports multiple audio, video formats
Transcription guides for Zoom, Microsoft Teams
Flexible pricing options
Embedded recording option
Deep Search functionality
Team sharing option
No-code setup
Zapier, Vimeo, Zoom integrations
Google Chrome Extension
High customer satisfaction
Discounts for education and nonprofit
Named entity recognition
Advanced data analysis
Industry-specific usability: Enterprise, Researchers, Marketers
Automated trend comparison
Privacy and security (HIPAA compliant)
Human transcription service
Speech to text software
Supports CSVs for bulk analysis
Sentiment analysis
Customizable embeddable recorder
Transcribes Youtube videos, podcasts
Analyzes RSS feeds
Embedded in-app recording
Custom shareable repositories
Analyzes existing transcripts
Processes customer interviews, focus groups feedback
Automatic and professional transcription
Compare different data sets
Offers multiple export formats
Top-rated customer support


Limited integration options
Not suited for small-scale users
Possible overextension in services
Potential complexity in usage
Data security concerns
Overly broad target audience
Lacks specialized features
Automated transcription accuracy unknown
Customer support quality unclear
Complex pricing model


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What is the Speak Magic AI Text Prompts feature?
How can I transcribe a Zoom meeting using Speak Ai?
How can I transcribe a Microsoft Teams Meeting using Speak Ai?
Who can benefit from Speak Ai services?
Which audio and video formats are supported by Speak Ai?
Can Speak Ai be used for data visualization?
What flexible pricing options does Speak Ai offer?
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How can I access video tutorials for Speak Ai?
What is the Amazon Reviews Analysis feature in Speak Ai?

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