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Analyzing your diverse marketing data.
Sample prompts:
What can you do?
Analyze my Google Search Console Queries.
Analyze my Google Search Console Pages.
Analyze this keyword list.
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The Marketing Data Analyst is a GPT that specializes in analyzing various types of marketing data that include SEO, PPC, content, sales, CRM, among others.

It works as an additional layer on top of ChatGPT and leverages its language capabilities to parse, understand, and provide insights on the user's data.

While a regular user can ask it a wide range of queries, it can also respond to specific prompts like 'Analyze my Google Search Console Queries', 'Analyze my Google Search Console Pages', or 'Analyze this keyword list'.

By being interactive and easy-to-use, the GPT makes it particularly useful to individuals who may not have technical data skills, helping them make more informed decisions based on their marketing data.

Essential requirements include signing up for the service and having access to ChatGPT Plus. In the broader picture, the Marketing Data Analyst GPT can be seen as a versatile tool aimed at helping businesses optimize their marketing strategies based on their specific data sets.

Users can access actionable insights from their marketing data without needing expert-level knowledge in data analysis. The GPT can work as a helpful assistant to deliver insights from various sets of structured marketing data.


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Marketing Data Analyst was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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