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Data collaboration team app for quick analysis.
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Latitude is an AI-powered data exploration and collaboration tool that enables teams to become data-driven in minutes, not months. It connects to all data sources, allowing users to explore and transform data with an AI SQL Assistant, manually writing SQL queries and visual programming on an infinite canvas.

Latitude also provides a wide range of charts and tables for data visualization, and allows users to share interactive views with the click of a button.

It is tightly coupled with dbt, an open source data transformation framework, to bring models and metrics to the last mile of data analysis. Latitude also allows teams to collaborate in real-time, with built-in shortcuts for efficient data exploration and an AI assistant for faster SQL writing.

With Latitude, teams can quickly become data-driven, allowing them to make better decisions with their data.


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Latitude was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Connects to all data sources
Allows manual SQL queries
Visual programming on infinite canvas
Wide range of visualizations
Share interactive views easily
Tightly coupled with dbt
Real-time collaboration feature
Built-in shortcuts for efficiency
Supports over 100 data sources
Visual data transformations
Integrated data exploration and visualization
Generate charts and tables easily
Interactive views with one click
Self-service exploration option
Keyboard-first approach
Multiplayer collaboration
dbt projects integration
Teams can become data-driven quickly


Tightly coupled with dbt
No standalone operation mode
Real-time collaboration issues
Limited data visualization options
No offline functionality
Highly dependent on connectors
Doesn't support all data sources
Issues with large datasets
Interface may be complex


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Does Latitude offer any shortcuts for efficient data exploration?
How quickly can a team become data-driven using Latitude?
What types of databases does Latitude support?
Does Latitude allow manual writing of SQL queries?
Can Latitude work with data from CRM and marketing platforms?
How do I setup Latitude to access my data sources?
What functions can I perform with my data within Latitude?
Can Latitude help me generate insights from my data?
What factors influence Latitude's efficiency in writing SQL faster?
Does Latitude have a free setup offer?
How can I join Latitude?
Are there any built-in features in Latitude to assist my team in data exploration?
What is the role of Latitude's AI assistant?

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