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Automated spreadsheet analysis and summaries.
Generated by ChatGPT

Rows AI is an all-in-one spreadsheet tool that aims to provide users with a powerful AI tool to analyze, summarize, and transform data more efficiently and effectively.

This tool offers several features that allow teams to build better spreadsheets quickly. The tool's standout feature is its AI Analyst, which leverages the power of artificial intelligence to skip formulas and go straight to insights.

Users can ask the AI Analyst questions in plain language, and it will generate deep insights and fast summaries from the dataset. Rows AI also provides features like social media post categorization, lead list automation, keyword theme identification, and logic rules application to text to summarize and translate to any language.

The tool also integrates with OpenAI, allowing users to generate infinite ideas for blog post titles and content themes. Rows AI offers users seamless connectivity through internal tools, integrations, and data enrichment, making it easier to manage your data.

The tool is available to all users free of charge, making it available and accessible to everyone. Overall, Rows AI is a spreadsheet tool focusing on AI integration, which offers users a unique solution to efficiently manage data and get insights with minimal effort.


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Rows AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automated spreadsheet analysis
Summarizes data effectively
Plain language queries
Generates insightful summaries
Supports social media categorization
Enables lead list automation
Identifies keyword themes
Applies logic to text
Language translation support
Generates blogpost ideas
Seamless connectivity
Free of charge
Supports data enrichment
Rapid insights generation
Uses GPT for chatting
Text classification and tagging
Marketing campaigns assistant
Transforms text
Real-time social sentiment detection
Support tickets insights
Customer feedback insights
Product review insights
Keyword generation for SEO
Fast content drafting
Feedback summarization
Automated data cleanup
Multi-language NPS survey translation
Advanced reporting features
Content theme generation
Support Docs
API Documentation
Ask Any Question feature
All-in-one spreadsheet tool
Integration tasks tracking
Spreadsheet drag automation


Limited to spreadsheet format
Focuses on text analysis
Limited functionalities for non-marketing fields
Poor handling of complex formulas
Non-intuitive interface
No mobile application
Advanced features only for professionals
Limited third-party integration
Questions and answers limited to dataset


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