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Build AI chatbots speaking your language.
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BotGenuity provides a platform that enables businesses to create Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbots tailored to specific needs. It has a multilingual feature, with support for over 100 languages.

The platform comes with a wide range of functionalities including seamless integrations, easy widget customization allowing for brand alignment, and a state-of-the-art no-code platform, making it user-friendly.

It allows users to select language models that best match their needs and to characterize their chatbot's persona with customized prompts. A unique feature is its chat history, enabling one to search within past conversations, ensuring that no important information is lost.

The tool also offers the ability to import different file formats such as PDF, TXT, CSV, XLS, and DOC files, thus streamlining the chatbot's functionality.

The platform comes with lead generation and export features, improving businesses' client reach. It includes a white-labeling option for a custom domain, providing a seamless communication experience for customers.

BotGenuity has a 'Custom Functions' feature that enables customization of bot interactions with data and external tools. This supports integration with over 1,700 APIs, enabling the creation of chatbots capable of leveraging external APIs for real-time information or transforming natural language into precise API calls.

It's particularly effective across diverse business sectors including appointments scheduling, real estate management, and travel planning, amongst others.


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Pros and Cons


Supports over 100 languages
Seamless integrations
Easy widget customization
No-code platform
Can customize bot persona
Chat history feature
Ability to import files
Lead generation and export
White-labeling option
Custom domain
Custom Functions feature
Integration with 1,700+ APIs
Cater to diverse business sectors
Real-time information
Can convert natural language into API calls
Functional across multiple business sectors
Optimized for different language models
Data analysis capabilities
Customizable chatbot prompts
Searchable past conversations
PDF, TXT, CSV, XLS, and DOC file support
Lead export feature
Able to interact with external tools
Capable of fetching structured data
Customizable according to data language
Can tap into external APIs
Effortlessly integrates with artificial intelligence
Can choose between GPT-3.5 & GPT-4 models
Can infuse personality into chatbot
Supports importing from websites
Offers brand alignment via widget customization
Provides white-labeling for domain
Can define functions within your model
Can be used in scheduling appointments
Effective across real estate management
Assists in travel planning
Can automate routine tasks
Efficient chatbot creation process
Multiple web platform integration
Supports FAQ system


No explicit security features
Overwhelming for non-tech savvy users
Limited to 100 languages
No concrete customer support details
Unspecified accuracy of language models
Unidentified limitations of custom functions
Lack of full integration list
Unspecified data import limitations
Not fully open source
Unclear pricing strategy


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