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Insightful business decisions through analytics.
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Delineate is an AI and predictive analytics tool that allows users to unlock their data's potential by building predictive models and data products with ease.

The platform enables users to develop churn prediction forecasts, customer-facing data products, lead scoring, and much more with the click of a few buttons without needing any coding skills.

Delineate's AI-driven products are useful for sales and marketing teams, data and analytics teams, and product teams looking to transform their data into insights and make better decisions.The tool provides a drag and drop workflow builder that allows users to create ETL pipelines quickly and easily, which can make their data actionable in just a few clicks.

Furthermore, Delineate provides dashboards, business intelligence tools, and report generation capabilities to enable visualizations of the data they've collected.

The platform is applicable to almost any data need, with hundreds of integrations with popular databases, CRM's, and platforms to enable data input and output.Delineate offers monthly and annual billing options with no lock-in contracts; users can cancel their subscription anytime.

Additionally, the tool offers a free 14-day trial period for all of its plans. Delineate is committed to data security and ensures it's always using the most up-to-date, enterprise-grade best practices to safeguard user data.


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Pros and Cons


Quick predictive model building
Allows non-coders to develop models
Easy churn prediction forecasts
Creation of customer-facing data products
Drag and drop workflow builder
Rapid ETL pipeline creation
Dashboards, BI tools and reports
Integrations with popular databases
Monthly and annual billing options
Subscription cancellable anytime
14-day free trial
Strong data security measures
Sales forecasting capabilities
Ad campaign optimization
Real time data enrichment
Prioritizes qualified leads
Report generation capabilities
Lead enrichment additions
Customer lifetime value prediction
Identifies upsell opportunities
Data cleaning and preparation
CRM enrichment possibilities
Non-technical use ability
Suitable for product teams
Ease of use for data/analytics teams
Hundreds of possible integrations


No self-service option
Free trial limited
Charges per data records processed
Lock-in with annual plans
Requires extensive data preparation
Limited data cleaning options
No disclosed uptime/reliability statistics
Too broad applications may limit performance
No custom analytics


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What reporting capabilities does Delineate provide?
Does Delineate integrate with popular databases and CRM platforms?
What are the billing options of Delineate?
Can I cancel my Delineate subscription anytime?
Is there a trial period for Delineate's plans?
How does Delineate ensure data security?
Can I use Delineate for sales forecasting?
How can Delineate benefit my data and analytics team?
What is the benefit of Delineate for product teams?
How can Delineate help to increase my customer lifetime value?
Does Delineate offer lead scoring and enrichment features?
Can I use Delineate to identify upsell opportunities?
How does Delineate assist in data cleaning and preparation?
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