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Text network analysis and visualization for research.
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InfraNodus is an AI powered visual text network analysis tool designed to help users with research and exploration. It can process and visualize textual data as a network graph, providing insight into the main topics, relationships between them, and blind spots.

The tool is equipped with natural language processing algorithms and GPT-3 AI to generate highly relevant queries and help uncover new ideas, facts and research questions.

It can be used to add existing discourse, ideas, notes and text data, or AI-generated content.InfraNodus offers a range of features to enhance research and exploration, including text network analysis, topic modelling, text mining, mind mapping, brainstorming, AI writing and creative thinking.

It can also be used for marketing research, customer reviews, survey analysis, search engine optimization, data science for notes and knowledge graphs, and overview and summarization.The tool is also equipped with a chat mode, live editor and data import, text mining and sentiment analysis, network analysis and visualization, AI thinking and more.

It supports multiple languages, is fully shareable, private by default and provides interactive graphs.In addition to being perfect for personal and professional use, InfraNodus can be used for text mining and topic modelling, discourse overview and summary, recommender system for thinking, creative writing and brainstorming, rhizomatic mind mapping with analytics, and knowledge graph generation.


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Pros and Cons


Supports multiple languages
Fully shareable data
Interactive network graphs
Live editor feature
Chat mode available
Data import capabilities
Blind spot detection
Text mining and sentiment analysis
Offers PDF, CSV data export
Can import external data
Embedded text editor
Capable of text visualization
Generates topic models
Visualize discourse overviews
Advanced graph analytics
Summary and topic generation
Visualizes text as network
Reveals main ideas in text
Unveils relations in text
Discovers structural gaps
Generates pertinent GPT-3 queries
Facilitates real-time editing
Handles data from multiple sources
Can analyze search results
Reviews and sentiment analysis
Identifies hidden relations
Relevant for SEO and marketing
Built-in mind mapping
Rhizomatic mind mapping
Overview of customer reviews
Visualizes text as graphs
Identification of idea clusters
Can summarize large bodies of text
Can visualize book contents
Advanced text analytics insights
Advanced text analysis capabilities
Integrated sentiment analysis
Knowledge graph generation
Can visualize Google search results
Generates topical clusters
Develops discourse further
Analyzes open survey feedback
Generates structural gaps
Launches insight recommender system
Synthetic overview generation
Analyzes Twitter posts
Analyzes Amazon products


Lacks real-time collaboration feature
No mobile app available
Limited data import formats
No integration with other apps
Sentiment analysis may be inaccurate
Not beginner-friendly
Missing advanced text editing
Requires manual data cleaning
Lacks report generation feature
Unavailability of audio support


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