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Transform your files into AI insights.
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SelfGPT is an AI tool that transforms your text documents and PDFs into interactive insights. This technology is designed to understand your documents and unlock personalized data insights by summarizing pages, extracting images and generating tailored AI insights.

It does not require coding skills to function, making it accessible to all. The system can be leveraged across various fields, including business, health and fitness, education, and personal finances as it can process and analyze different types of data.

It can understand market trends from business documents, customize health advice based on personal fitness data, turn study materials into interactive learning experiences, and provide personalized financial advisories.

The system operates on a micro-transaction pricing model and ensures data safety and privacy. It also has a feature where generated insights can be interactively discussed with the users, enhancing the users understanding and uses of their data.

This approach makes selfGPT a versatile AI tool for extracting intelligence from multiple types of documents or text files and for diverse use-cases.


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Pros and Cons


Transforms text into insights
Summarizes documents
Extracts images
Generates tailored insights
Diverse field application
Can comprehend market trends
Generates health advice
Transforms study materials
Generates financial advice
Micro-transaction pricing
Ensures data privacy
Interactive insights discussion
Personalized data analysis
Facilitates interactive learning
Personalized recommendations
Business data analysis
Fitness data utilization
Educational adaptation
Financial advising
Chat with YouTube feature
Actionable business insights
Personalized wellness advice
Interactive study experience
Personal finance management
Document summarization
Image understanding
Supports various file types
Wide document type utilization
Affordable services
Scalable payment system
Manageable document process
Operational cost control
Secure document store
Prompt customer support


Micro-transaction pricing model
Lacks API for integration
No mobile application
Limited file type support
No real time processing
No direct customer service
No bulk data processing
Limited interactive features
No multi-language support
Relies on internet connection


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How does selfGPT customize health advice based on my fitness data?
Can selfGPT aid in creating interactive learning experiences for study materials?
How does selfGPT generate financial advisories?
What is selfGPT's pricing model?
How does selfGPT ensure data safety and privacy?
What does it mean that selfGPT's insights can be interactively discussed with users?
How useful can selfGPT be in the field of business?
How does selfGPT help enhance personal health and fitness strategies?
In what ways can selfGPT benefit education practices and experiences?
How can personal finance management be improved using selfGPT?
What specific data transformations does selfGPT offer?
What is the 'Chat with YouTube video' feature of selfGPT?
How can I get started with selfGPT?
How can I contact selfGPT for support?

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