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Embed AI-powered data experience into your web app.
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Buster is an Artificial Intelligence-powered tool that allows the embedding of data experience directly into a web application. It provides users with the functionality to create dashboards through natural language searches.

Users can ask text-based queries about their data, with answers delivered swiftly. This facilitates a more interactive form of data exploration and provides the users with a self-service model for data analytics.

Moreover, Buster eases the implementation of AI-powered reporting features into web applications, enabling users to visualize insights and build their dashboards.

The tool is set up to be integrated easily, with the ability to connect to all major databases and data warehouses. Once a connection is established, Buster can train a model on your database and have it production-ready within a day.

Further, it also offers a no-code builder allowing you to customize your user interface elements such as components, colors, fonts, and charts. Buster employs a learning system where the model becomes more intelligent with each interaction.

It has the capability of monitoring model performance, detecting quality issues, and improving accuracy. Additionally, Buster comes with API access that helps in building production-ready text-to-SQL into any workflow.


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Pros and Cons


Embeds data experience in web apps
Interactive data exploration
Swift answers to queries
Self-service data analytics
Easy integration with web apps
Connects to all major databases and data warehouses
Production-ready model training in a day
No-code builder for UI customization
Improved intelligence with each interaction
Monitors model performance
Detects quality issues
Improves accuracy over time
API access offered
Text-to-SQL capabilities
Fast dashboard implementation
Plain english query input
98%+ accuracy rate
Quick setup time
Customizable components, colors, fonts, charts
Persistent learning system
Quality issues swiftly detected and corrected
Full database or warehouse connectivity in less than 60 seconds
Pre-Built UI
Single-code-snippet feature embedding
Database integration with Snowflake, Redshift, MySQL, SQLServer, MariaDB, Postgres, Supabase, Databricks, BigQuery
Robust set of APIs
User data privacy prioritized


Natural language search dependent
Setup time involved
Accuracy depends on usage
Limited UI customization
Strictly web application dependent
Requires database connection
Limited language translation
Requires active user interaction
Potential data quality issues
Learning system effectiveness varies


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Can Buster's features be embedded into my web application?
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How does Buster facilitate the creation of dashboards?
Do I get the flexibility to customize colours, fonts and charts?
What kind of components can be customized in the user interface with Buster?
Does Buster's model become more intelligent with each interaction?
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