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Brewit is an AI-powered data analytics tool that aids businesses in understanding their performance, providing real-time insights derived from their data.

Brewit simplifies the process of data management by adding an intelligent semantic layer for collaborative, data-driven decision-making. Notable benefits include the ability to handle complex queries quickly, approval workflow for data review, and role-specific AI agents.

Brewit's analytics system goes beyond standard text-to-SQL by integrating with data warehouses through its built-in data catalog, thereby enhancing AI agent performance.

One of Brewit's key features is its ability to visually present data, alongside features for instant data insights and the functionality to drag and drop dashboards.

The tool also includes collaboration and permission settings, which effectively manage schedules, ensuring key data points aren't missed. Usage of Brewit can lend to more confident data-driven decisions.


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Dec 22, 2023
First AI data app I see that can connect databases and my GA4/Shopify APIs at the same time. Highly recommend if you have an ecommerce store!

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Pros and Cons


Real-time insights
Intelligent semantic layer
Fast complex queries
Data review workflow
Integration with data warehouses
Built-in data catalog
Visual data presentation
Instant data insights
Drag and drop dashboards
Collaboration settings
Permission management
Better decision-making support
Text-to-SQL enhancement
Single source of truth
Efficient schedule management


Lacks prediction capabilities
No Native Mobile App
No dedicated customer support
Missing advanced visualization
No offline capabilities
Integration limited to warehouses
Limited language compatibility
No data export feature
Inefficient updates for agent
No Customizable dashboards


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