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Hal9 is an AI-driven app designer that provides a powerful multi-language backend to create the next generation of machine learning applications. This platform enables users to easily connect to their existing authentication and data sources, freeing them from the task of learning web development.

Hal9's intuitive visual designer allows users to focus on what they enjoy doing, while providing code assets that can be further fine-tuned by web developers on their team.

The platform provides first-class support and feature parity for all science and engineering runtimes, including Python, R, and JavaScript, and is currently developing support for Julia, Rust, and TypeScript.

The APIs used are minimal, pragmatic, and idiomatic, with the guiding principle of not getting in the way when building.One of Hal9's notable features is the ability to build apps in the language of choice, and seamlessly combine languages and ecosystems, making it possible to do a wide range of tasks.

The platform is also compliance-ready, with users having the option to run the software on their infrastructure, thus giving them complete control over data security and privacy.

Hal9 has a library of apps that compute financial data, extract data and run machine learning models, all built with the platform, and users can try Hal9 with their internal data on request.


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May 30, 2023
Great product to offload the data analytics workflow.

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Pros and Cons


Multi-language backend support
Seamless existing data connection
Requires no web development knowledge
Provides code assets for fine-tuning
Multiple science and engineering runtimes
Python, R, JavaScript support
Julia, Rust, TypeScript support in development
Minimal, pragmatic, idiomatic APIs
Allows app building in preferred language
Enables combination of languages and ecosystems
Compliance-ready with user infrastructure option
Complete control over data security
Library of built-in apps
Apps for financial data computation
Apps for data extraction
Apps for running machine learning models
In-house trials with internal data
Provides insights in seconds
One-click shareable insights with privacy
Visual designer for ease of use


Minimal APIs
In-development support for certain languages
Requires web developers for optimization
Compliance setup needed for privacy
Limited pre-built apps
Internal data trials upon request
Visual Designer may not suit all
Potential multi-language complexity
Personal data assistance may vary
Trial version not directly accessible


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Can I try Hal9 with my internal data?
Does Hal9 have real-time spectroscopy data processing?
Who are the team members behind Hal9?
How does Hal9 implement Artificial Intelligence?
How does Hal9 help in data analytics?
Can Hal9 generate insights in seconds?
Why should I choose Hal9 over other AI tools?
Is Hal9 compliance ready?
How can I share my insights with privacy settings on Hal9?
Where can I find documentation for Hal9?
Can I fine-tune the code assets provided by Hal9?
How does Hal9 ensure it doesn't interfere with my app building process?

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