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Get GPT-like answers for your business inside Google Sheets.
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Conduit is an AI-powered tool designed to facilitate data integration, analysis, and presentation. Its primary function is to import data into Google Sheets from various systems such as Shopify, Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Quickbooks, Zendesk, Stripe and more.

With this data at hand, users can utilize Conduit's capabilities to generate comprehensive and customized dashboards that streamline critical decision-making processes.

The tool enables you to ask straightforward questions about your data and receive clear, GPT-like answers without requiring technical skills. Moreover, Conduit can be used within Google Sheets, through its standalone app, or within your own SaaS application via a plugin for Chrome.

This versatile tool is exceptional at data monitoring, as it can provide notifications on changes through Slack or email. The interactive tool comes with several free dashboard templates to enhance its user-friendliness, including trackers for performance metrics, tag analyses, contact reasons, demand drivers, service level agreement quality control, and accounts overview.

Additionally, Conduit gives users the ability to gain AI-guided insights within their SaaS application through a Chrome extension.


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Pros and Cons


Data integration with multiple systems
Google Sheets integration
GPT-like answer generation
No technical skills required
Can work within SaaS applications
Plugin for Chrome
Data monitoring capabilities
Notifications via email or Slack
Free dashboard templates
Performance metrics tracking
Comprehensive and customized dashboards
Tag analysis functionality
Contact reasons tracking
Demand drivers analysis
SLA quality control
Accounts overview tracking


Limited to Google Sheets
Dependent on Chrome extension
Requires external apps integrations
No mobile app available
Limited free templates
No support mentioned
Lacks in-depth analysis tools
Dependent on existing SaaS
No offline capability
Data security depends on third-party


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