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Empower your decision makers with AI-powered data insights.
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Fluent is an AI data analyst tool designed to empower decision makers by facilitating self-serve data insights. The platform allows users to ask data-related questions directly, offering immediate insights.

Fluent interprets natural language inquiries and works with the user to clarify questions, ensuring users receive the precise insights needed. It promotes team-wide understanding of data through real-time collaboration and shared data dictionaries, mitigating confusion and disagreement on metrics definitions.

Fluent also supports remote work dynamics, integrating with communication platforms such as Slack and Teams to deliver insights directly within these chat interfaces.

It enhances data integrity and access management by allowing users to curate tailored datasets with clear usage guidelines and quality control. Fluent is outfitted with 'Intelligible SQL', offering a visual display of the journey and AI logic behind each query.

The platform further ensures data consistency by allowing the embedding of company-specific metrics, definitions, and terminology. Fluent is compatible with major data warehouses and common file formats, continually adding more integrations.

Security is a key focus for Fluent, utilising AES-256 encryption for data warehouse credentials storage, and offering options for user-owned storage. It supports SSO and multi-factor authentication from major identity providers and provides on-premise deployment options.


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Pros and Cons


Self-serve data insights
Natural language insights interpretation
Clarifies user inquiries
Promotes real-time data collaboration
Shared data dictionaries
Supports remote work
Integration with Slack, Teams
Curated tailored datasets
Clear data usage guidelines
Intelligible SQL feature
Embeds company-specific metrics
Consistent terminology usage
Major data warehouses compatibility
Supports common file formats
Regularly adds new integration
AES-256 data credentials encryption
User-owned storage option
SSO and multi-factor authentication
Supports major identity providers
On-premise deployment option
Instant insight delivery
Integrated communication platform
Mitigates metric disagreement
Quality control for data
Enterprise-level security
Bank-grade encryption
BYOS (Bring Your Own Storage)
Encourages company-specific terminology
Real-time collaboration for understanding
Data analysis decision-making support


Limited integration options
Natural language understanding issues
Depends heavily on user input
No predictive modeling capabilities
Limited access control options
Query results reliant on external storage
No autonomous data discovery
Requires 'Intelligible SQL' understanding
Dependent on company-specific metrics embedding
Inflexible in regards to data sources


What is Fluent?
How does Fluent interpret natural language inquiries?
In what ways does Fluent promote shared data understanding among teams?
How does Fluent support remote work?
How does Fluent integrate with communication platforms like Slack and Teams?
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How does Fluent ensure data consistency?
What major data warehouses and common file formats does Fluent integrate with?
How does Fluent secure data?
Does Fluent provide options for user-owned data storage?
What kind of multi-factor authentication does Fluent support?
What kind of on-premise deployment options does Fluent offer?
What's the method Fluent uses to clarify questions asked by users?
Does Fluent support self-serve data insights?
How does Fluent handle the definition and disagreement of metrics?
Can you integrate Fluent with other data analysis platforms?
What's involved in the real-time collaboration feature of Fluent?
How can users benefit from Fluent's shared data dictionaries?
What is Fluent's approach to AES-256 encryption for data warehouse credentials storage?
How can Fluent enhance my company's data integrity and access management?

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