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ByErnesto Barrera Linares
AI Assistant for Critical Appraisal of Scientific Articles
GPT welcome message: How may I assist with your scientific article today?
Sample prompts:
Analyze this clinical trial.
Summarize these study findings.
Can you score this research?
Draft a tweet about this article.
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Analiza este estudio
critical reading
lectura crítica
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Evidence-Based Practice is a specialized GPT focused on aiding users with the critical appraisal of scientific articles. As an AI-powered tool, it offers fundamental support in analyzing, summarizing, and scoring research papers and clinical trial studies.

It can be particularly helpful for those working in data-intensive fields, where it can provide assistance to users in understanding complex scientific texts by offering summarized study findings.

Furthermore, users can utilize the GPT to draft concise and impactful social media posts about a specific article, enabling the sharing of research in an easily digestible format.

Evidence-Based Practice also breaks language barriers by supporting interactive sessions in both English and Spanish, enabling a broader range of users to benefit from its features.

In essence, it merges AI and critical scientific analysis to enhance the understanding and communication of research findings.


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Evidence-Based Practice was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 29th 2023.
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