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Computer vision dataset curation, labeling, and search.
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LayerNext is an AI data infrastructure tool specifically designed for computer vision (CV) projects. It enables AI teams to efficiently collect, curate, label, and search large-scale CV datasets.

With LayerNext, users can organize and manage their training datasets with version control, making it easier to develop and iterate on models.One of the key features of LayerNext is its DataLake, which serves as a unified repository for all AI data.

This includes raw images and videos, curated data, ground truth, and model outcomes. The DataLake provides a built-in viewer, allowing users to visualize their data in one place and easily search and explore it.LayerNext also offers annotation tools through its Annotation Studio, allowing users to label image and video data at scale.

The platform includes built-in analytic tools to help analyze the effectiveness of training data, identify data gaps, and address model and label errors.The tool emphasizes collaboration and integration, offering SDKs and APIs for seamless integration with other computer vision applications and services.

It also provides specialized apps for processes such as curation and annotation, allowing for streamlined workflows.LayerNext is self-hosted by default, providing users with control over their data and ensuring compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR.

The flexibility and security of LayerNext make it suitable for various industries, including retail, agriculture, healthcare, and construction.Overall, LayerNext aims to enhance AI team productivity and collaboration by providing purpose-built data tools and automated workflows for computer vision projects.

Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features simplify the CV workflow and enable teams to focus on the core aspects of their AI projects.


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Pros and Cons


DataLake unified repository
Built-in data viewer
Image and video annotation
Large-scale dataset management
Version control for datasets
Analytic tools for training
Data gap identification
Error detection for models
Inclusion of SDKs and APIs
Seamless integration with CV applications
Streamlined workflow support
Specialized apps for processes
Self-hosted by default
Compliance with regulations
Compatible with various industries
Enhanced team productivity
Automated workflows for CV
User-friendly interface
Flexibility and security
Metadata capture and indexing
Model run storage
DataLake with built-in viewer
Raw data and outcome exploration
Dataset curation at scale
Dataset sharing among team
Performance contrasting and comparison
Integration with any CV application
Manual work cut-off
Metadata and label storage
Access to different pipeline processes
Third-party app connection
Simplified CV workflow
Data infrastructure focus
Workflow customizability
Data control
HIPAA, GDPR compliance
Regulation compliant
Large-scale data search


Self-hosted by default
Highly specialized for CV
Limited SDKs and APIs
Limited support for non-visual data
Limited third-party integrations
No clear pricing information
Incurs data operation costs
Requires manual data curation
Complex setup for regulations compliance


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