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Platform for language practice: speaking & listening.
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Gliglish is an AI-based language teacher that allows users to practice speaking and listening in various languages for free. It offers a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to traditional language learning methods, enabling users to improve their fluency and build confidence through regular practice.

The platform supports several languages and variations, including English (US, UK, Australian), Bulgarian, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish (Spain, Mexico), and Swedish.

Along with its chatbot-like interface, Gliglish offers advanced features such as multilingual speech recognition, adjustable speed, feedback on grammar, translations, and suggestions.

Gliglish is powered by the same technology behind ChatGPT, a reference in Artificial Intelligence. It feels conversational and supports users through their learning journey.

Additionally, Gliglish offers a freemium model where users can access a single topic and limited conversations per day for free. Users can upgrade to Gliglish Plus, which offers 3,000 credits per month, longer conversations, and access to new features at a monthly fee.

As a multilingual tool, it allows users to learn different languages with a single subscription. New features are continuously added to the platform as it develops, and feedback from users is encouraged.


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Pros and Cons


Supports several languages
Multilingual speech recognition
Adjustable speed feature
Feedback on grammar
Translation feature
Suggestions feature
Continuously adding new features
Freemium model available
No signup required
Accessible anytime, anywhere
Encourages regular practice
Boosts user confidence
Support for language variations
Learn multiple languages with one subscription
Chatbot-like interface
Feels conversational
Limited free conversations per day
Advanced features in premium version
3000 credits per month with Gliglish Plus
Longer conversations in premium version
Early access to new features with Gliglish Plus
Priority access with Gliglish Plus
Encourages user feedback
Page available in different languages


Limited free conversations
Freemium may constrain users
No offline mode
No customizable language combinations
No community engagement features
No guided language learning paths
Features dependent on subscription
No dedicated mobile app
Grammar corrections not specified


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Which technology powers Gliglish?
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What is the chatbot-like interface of Gliglish?
How does Gliglish help in improving confidence in language fluency?
Can I learn more than one language with a single Gliglish subscription?
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Can I use Gliglish on my mobile or computer?
How can I contribute to Gliglish’s development?

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