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30-Day German language coach with immersive daily topics.
GPT welcome message: Willkommen! An welchem Tag des 30-Tage-Deutschplans möchten Sie beginnen?
Sample prompts:
Was sind Ihre Ziele für das Deutschlernen?
Erzählen Sie mir von Ihrer typischen Tagesroutine.
Können Sie ein berühmtes Ereignis in der deutschen Geschichte beschreiben?
Besprechen wir, wie man effektiv eine Geschichte auf Deutsch erzählt.
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Deutsch mentor is a GPT that is designed to facilitate the learning of the German language over a span of 30 days. It provides users with immersive daily topics to help enhance their German language skills in an engaging and efficient way.

The Deutsch mentor engages users by asking relevant questions and discussing different subjects, all aimed at improving the user's language proficiency.

It begins with a welcoming message, innocuously asking the user about their starting point in the 30-day German plan. This inquiry outlines the course's structure, suggesting a daily progression of topics and exercises for the user.

The tool follows this up with different prompt starters, ranging from asking about the users' individual goals for learning German, to their daily routines, or even to describe a historical event in Germany.

This approach ensures that the tool covers a wide range of topics, mirroring real-life conversation situations. It also includes instructions on how to effectively narrate a story in German, thereby sharpening the user's storytelling capabilities in the language.

Deutsch mentor requires ChatGPT Plus for functionality, and interested users can sign up via the dedicated link within the tool.


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