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ByEduard Gusev
German essay and conversation guide
GPT welcome message: Hallo! Wie kann ich Ihnen heute bei Ihrem Essay oder Gespräch helfen?
Sample prompts:
Schlage ein Thema für einen Aufsatz über deutsche Geschichte vor.
Wie kann ich die Struktur meines Aufsatzes verbessern?
Gib mir eine Vorlage für einen Überzeugungsaufsatz.
Was ist ein guter Gesprächseinstieg über deutsche Kultur?
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Aufsatz Helfer is a GPT focused on aiding with German essays and conversations. Structured around guidance and interaction around diverse subject matters, it functions as an efficient language assistant.

It aims to support users in jamming/writing sessions or interactive discussions. Can be most beneficial for language learners, students, writers or anyone wanting to practice or improve their German language skills.

Specifically, Aufsatz Helfer is architectured to provide structured advice be it for essays or discussions fostering language comprehension and proficiency.

It helps in selecting germane topics, refining the structure of essays, providing templates for various types of essays, including persuasive ones, and suggesting conversation starters around German culture, among other tasks.

Its innovative approach can not only guide the user in developing cohesive and structurally sound content, but can also stimulate creative ideation through its thematic dialogue.

For instance, its feature of suggesting conversation starters broadens the scope of interaction. This GPT uses a bilingual approach it can communicate in German and English, offering a 'welcome message' in German to initiate the user interaction.

However, it requires ChatGPT Plus, which should be noted by all potential users. Additionally, Aufsatz Helfer potentially offers a unique way of expanding ones command over the German language, making it an indispensable tool for language enthusiasts or learners aiming for fluency.

The GPT is developed by Eduard Gusev.


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