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Digital platform for secure teaching & learning.
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fobizz tools is a suite of digital tools designed to help teachers and students in the classroom. It provides a range of tools and resources such as online courses, live webinars, lesson material, and tools, all designed to make teaching and learning more efficient and secure.

It also offers AI Assistants for Texts, Images and Speech, allowing users to create and share a variety of content quickly and easily. The tools can be used to create worksheets, multimedia teaching boards, surveys, websites, video and audio recordings, screen recordings, word clouds, shorten links, share files, and generate QR codes.

All of these tools are designed to be simple, data privacy friendly, and secure, and are compliant with DSGVO. fobizz tools is free to use, and users can register for an account to get started.


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Pros and Cons


Range of digital tools
Online courses availability
Live webinars feature
Materials for different grades
Resources for all subjects
Worksheet creation tool
Multimedia teaching boards
Survey creation tool
Website creation option
Video recording sharing
Audio recording sharing
Screen recording sharing
Word cloud tool
Link shortening tool
File sharing tool
QR code generator
Compliant with DSGVO
Free to use
Secure tool options
Collaborative pinboard option
Learning journeys feature
User-friendly interface
Specially designed for teachers
Suggestions for tool improvement
Teaching centric tools
Efficient learning resources
Secure sharing options
Promotes creative learning
All tools in one place
User registration system
Access to expert opinions
Encourages self-paced learning
Customizable teaching materials
Adaptable to learning needs
Temporary website creation
Transcribe recordings into text
Supports multimedia content
Collaborative learning tools
Easy content structuring
Streamlined lesson design
Facilitates secure teaching
Simplifies sharing with links


Possible privacy concerns
No offline functionality
Sign-up/Registration required
No reported adaptivity to learning styles
Not available in multiple languages
Lack of advanced customization
No explicit tool integration
Limited multimedia format support
Lack of clear user-guidance


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What unique features does Fobizz provide for classroom teaching?
Does Fobizz offer any AI assistance?
Can I create worksheets and teaching materials using Fobizz Tools?
Is it possible to record my screen and share it securely using Fobizz?
How is Fobizz Tools helping in the creation and sharing of content?
Is Fobizz compliant with DSGVO?
Is it free to use Fobizz Tools?
How secure is data and privacy when using Fobizz Tools?
How can Fobizz help in structuring lesson content?
Can I generate QR codes using Fobizz Tools?
What kind of multimedia resources does Fobizz provide?
Does Fobizz offer any live webinars for teachers?
How does the AI assistant for text, images, and speech work in Fobizz?
Can I create and share surveys using Fobizz Tools?
How to sign up and get started with Fobizz Tools?
Can I collaborate with other users on Fobizz?
Does Fobizz Tools provide options for online courses?
Can I shorten links with Fobizz Tools?


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