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Interactive educational apps for multiple subjects.
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TinyTap AI Beta is an educational tool designed to facilitate the creation of interactive lessons. Users can easily generate engaging lessons by suggesting topics of interest, with a limit of 30 suggestions per session. The tool allows the creation of lessons on diverse subjects, from "Glaciers" and "Barack Obama" to "Web3" and "Rainbow."

The platform is tailored for educators or content creators looking to craft interactive and dynamic learning experiences. Users can share their feedback on the tool's performance and contribute to its improvement by emailing [email protected].

Notably, TinyTap AI Beta introduces support for new languages, though the effectiveness may vary during the beta phase as the tool undergoes enhancements.

For a straightforward and user-centric experience, the tool encourages users to actively participate in shaping its development by sharing insights and suggesting topics. It operates under the provided Terms & Conditions, emphasizing transparency and user engagement.

In essence, TinyTap AI Beta serves as a creative and educational platform for constructing interactive lessons, fostering a collaborative environment for users to contribute to its evolution.

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