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Your assistant for learning English, helping you with word lookup and translation.
Sample prompts:
/w 查单词
/e2c 英中翻译
/c2e 中英翻译
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The co-pilot is a GPT designed to assist with learning English. It provides features such as word look up and language translation, acting as a handy tool for language learners or those needing to translate text to or from Chinese and English.

Leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT, this AI tool offers an interactive and conversational way of assisting its users. The prompt starters suggest that one can look up words by typing '/w', translate from English to Chinese with '/e2c', and lastly, translate from Chinese to English using '/c2e'.

The co-pilot GPT aims to offer useful and efficient translation and language-learning assistance, mitigating language barriers and enhancing cross-cultural communication.

It should be mentioned that use of this tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, which is usually aimed at users who want to enjoy more advanced features.

The developers behind this GPT tool are from, a team specializing in AI and machine learning technologies. This educational language co-pilot is hence an example of how AI can be leveraged to aid in personal development and learning.


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