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Learn a language through your virtual character.
GPT welcome message: Bonjour! Quelle langue voulez-vous apprendre?
Sample prompts:
What is your native language ?
I want to learn Spanish.
How do you say 'Hello' in German ?
Correct my sentence in Japanese, please.
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Learn Any Language is a GPT designed to assist users in language acquisition in an immersive and interactive way. It introduces a unique strategy of learning via the creation of virtual characters, such as prominent figures from films and books like Tom Cruise, Harry Potter, Gojo Satoru, among others.

The virtual characters created serve as personas through which users engage in language-learning exercises. Additionally, just as a real world classroom, this GPT provides a feature that simulates the presence of a teacher, instilling a sense of accountability in learners.

To engage the GPT, it requires the users to sign up for the ChatGPT Plus feature, facilitating a more exclusive and personalised learning experience. Upon sign-up, users are welcomed with a greeting in French, marking the beginning of their language-learning journey.

The GPT prompts and encourages users to interact by asking them questions about their native language or the language they desire to learn, teaching them basic greeting words, or even correcting their sentences in their chosen language.

Developed by PIXELIKA, Learn Any Language GPT is designed to make language learning, normally perceived as daunting, into a fun and engaging experience.


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