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Interactive tool for learning Spanish through simulation
GPT welcome message: Bienvenido al juego de inmigración. ¿Listo para comenzar?
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Border Sentinel is a GPT designed to simulate the experience of an American tourist communicating in Spanish during a hypothetical immigration process in Mexico.

This tool aims to provide users with an intriguing way to practice their Spanish language skills or help them learn the language from scratch. Border Sentinel works as an interactive language learning game where users respond to the immigration officer's inquiries.

To aid novice Spanish speakers, they have the option to refer to a virtual 'Spanish language guidebook' within the game for assistance. This tool operates on diverse difficulty levels, thus widening its usability to accommodate varying proficiency levels of Spanish amongst users.

Users can chose from easy (tutorial), normal (standard), hard (some difficulty), and an actually hard level. It is important to note that this tool requires ChatGPT Plus for functioning.

The welcome message for this GPT is 'Bienvenido al juego de inmigracin. Listo para comenzar?' which translates to 'Welcome to the immigration game. Ready to start?'.

This GPT serves as a unique tool for language acquisition, immersing users in real-world scenarios while offering a supportive and interactive environment for them to practice and learn.


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