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Llanai is an AI-based language learning tool that uses interactive chats and audio lessons on WhatsApp. The tool facilitates immersive language learning sessions to help users refine their language skills at their own pace.

It works primarily by initiating conversations in the target language, providing custom feedback to improve proficiency. An integral part of Llanai's methodology is Communicative Language Teaching, a British language teaching approach rooted in the belief that language learning is most effective when it's immersive and fluid.

The AI tailors the learning path based on user's goals and interests and provides instant feedback during the learning sessions, thus eliminating the need for traditional classroom settings.

Llanai engages learners in real-life conversations and interactive exercises, enhancing both comprehension and pronunciation skills effectively. The app maintains a meaningful performance tracking system, thus allowing users to measure their progress after every session, and adjust their learning level as per their needs.

Llanai also offers different subscription plans including a free version for users to understand the teaching style and effectiveness. Plans include features such as automated guidance, custom AI-curated learning paths, immersive lessons, custom conversational lessons and email support.

Llanai currently supports learning in multiple languages including Spanish, English, German, and French.


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Pros and Cons


Interactive chats on WhatsApp
Custom feedback proficiency improvement
Communicative Language Teaching methodology
Learning path based on user's interests
Real-time feedback during sessions
Real-life conversation-based learning
Enhances comprehension and pronunciation
Progress tracking after each session
Adjustable learning level
Available free version
Automated guidance feature
Immersive learning lessons
Email support for subscribers
Multi-language support
Convenient access via WhatsApp
Personalized learning profile on start
Instant feedback during learning
Sucinct learning reports post-session
Support within 36 hours of email request
Supports both text and voice communication
Easy change of language setting
Ability to learn one language at a time
Ability to adjust learning level
Efficient error-reporting system


Only supports four languages
WhatsApp required for use
One language learning at a time
Lacks off-WhatsApp integration
Limited linguistic scope
Access challenges outside WhatsApp
Subscription can be expensive
Potential privacy concerns WhatsApp
Language change requires course completion
Limited support response time


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Can I track my progress on Llanai?
How can I adjust my learning level on Llanai?
What languages does Llanai support?
What subscription plans does Llanai offer?
Is there a free version of Llanai?
What features are included in Llanai's subscription plans?
How does Llanai help improve pronunciation skills?
How does Llanai help with comprehension of the language?
What is the 'Automated Guidance' feature in Llanai?
What are the AI-curated learning paths in Llanai?
How does Llanai's email support work?
How fluid is the immersion process in Llanai?
Can Llanai initiate conversations in the target language?
What does the performance tracking system in Llanai entail?

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