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ByValery Den
Breaking down language barriers on the fly.
Sample prompts:
Be my synchronous translator
Translate my speech to another person
Translate as i speak
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FluentFriend is a GPT that assists in overcoming language hindrances in real-time. It is designed to work as an automatic translator, making it a versatile tool for users attempting to communicate in languages they may not be fully proficient in.

FluentFriend's functionality is built on the foundation of ChatGPT, which is an AI developed by OpenAI. To use FluentFriend, users must specify the language of the conversation parties, after which point the GPT handles all of the translation tasks.

Pose commands like 'Be my synchronous translator', 'Translate my speech to another person', or 'Translate as I speak' to initiate the translation process.

As a result, it enables smooth and seamless multilingual conversations by translating dialogues on the fly. FluentFriend is more than just a translation tool; it is essentially a bridge for real-time international communication, which can be particularly advantageous in diverse sectors such as business, travel, or education.

To use FluentFriend, users require access to ChatGPT Plus. Overall, it acts as your digital language companion, making cross-language communication accessible and straightforward.


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