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Video translation for multilingual communication.
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TalkVisions is a groundbreaking mobile application designed to eliminate language barriers through in-video closed captioning translations. This powerful real-time video translation tool uses advanced speech recognition technology to transcribe spoken words into text, ensuring accurate understanding and minimizing the risk of missing any important information.

Users can choose from a wide range of languages and seamlessly translate the transcribed text, making TalkVisions an excellent tool for learning languages on the go.

The app boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it simple to start and stop recording, as well as switch between languages effortlessly.

With TalkVisions, users can capture and translate spoken language in real-time, enabling effective communication and connection with others. Whether you're traveling, learning a new language, or breaking down language barriers, this app provides an opportunity to communicate and connect with ease.

The recorded videos can be saved to the device's photo library, ensuring accessibility and convenience. TalkVisions prioritizes user privacy and takes data security seriously.

The app collects and uses personal information solely for the purpose of providing and improving the services. Personal data is securely stored and protected through the implementation of encryption, access control, and secure servers.

TalkVisions does not sell personal information to third parties, but may share information with trusted partners for service provision. Users are encouraged to review the app's privacy policy for further information.Download TalkVisions now and experience the power of real-time video translation at your fingertips!


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Talkvisions was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


In-video closed captioning translations
Real-time translation
Advanced speech recognition technology
Wide range of languages
User-friendly interface
Real-time language capturing
Can be used for language learning
Can save recorded videos
Accessible video library
Prioritizes user privacy
Personal data encryption
Access control for data
Uses secure servers
Does not sell personal information
Possibility to share data with trusted partners
Offers multi-lingual communication
Effortless language switching
Mobile application
Supports on-the-go learning
Ideal for travel or language barriers
Seamlessly translates transcribed text
Convenient for video communications
Sleek app design
Translates speech into desired language
Subtitling for extended comprehension


Only mobile application
No desktop version
No live support
Potentially inaccurate translations
Possible data sharing with partners
Possibly slow performance on older devices
In-app purchases unclear
Limited language selection
No mention of offline functionality


What is TalkVisions?
What features does TalkVisions offer?
How does TalkVisions work?
Can TalkVisions translate video in real-time?
Is TalkVisions useful for learning a new language?
How user-friendly is the TalkVisions interface?
How can I save the recorded videos in TalkVisions?
Where are the recorded videos in TalkVisions saved?
Does TalkVisions respect user privacy?
How secure is my data with TalkVisions?
Does TalkVisions sell personal information to third parties?
Is it possible to switch languages during a recording in TalkVisions?
What speech recognition technology does TalkVisions use?
Is there a limit to the number of languages TalkVisions supports?
How much does the TalkVisions mobile app cost?
Does TalkVisions have a dedicated customer support?
What is the transcription feature in TalkVisions?
How accurate is the translation in TalkVisions?
Is TalkVisions available on Android?
Can I share my data with third-party services through TalkVisions?

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