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Speak any language using your face!
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GoSpeech is an innovative tool aimed at enhancing global communication and creating interactive user experience. With its core feature tailored towards language translation, users can utilize their facial expressions to speak various languages.

This tool offers the capability of crafting a personalized AI avatar or spokesperson to interact in different language environments. With GoSpeech, connecting with other individuals using different languages is simplified, promoting cross-cultural interactions and learning.

Built on sophisticated technology, GoSpeech is promising in revolutionizing traditional communication methods. The GoSpeech tool is accessible through a mobile application downloadable on iOS.

In addition to its primary features, GoSpeech is also committed to allocating a part of its in-app revenue to support underprivileged children's education, specifically in technology and entrepreneurship, through its partnership with Soumit's World Foundation.

This tool is suitable for individuals keen on learning different languages, interacting with varying cultures, or seeking novel and engaging ways to communicate.


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Pros and Cons


Language translation via facial expressions
Facilitates cross-cultural interactions
Tool available on iOS
Part of in-app revenue allocated for education
Supports underprivileged children's education
Partnership with Soumit's World Foundation
Useful for learning new languages
Promotes interactive communication
Cutting-edge technology application
Aids in language learning
Conducive for creating engaging content
Useful in communication
Facial recognition for language translation
Enterprise integration available
Video translation feature
Promotes e-learning
Participates in social cause
Fun and engaging language learning


iOS exclusive
Depends on facial expressions
Limited avatar personalization
No web version
No Android support
Language accuracy unknown
No desktop application
No API for integration
Revenue model not transparent
No mention of offline access

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