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Unlock global engagement with AI-powered dubbing and translation.
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TranslateTracks is an AI-powered dubbing and video translation service aimed at increasing global audience engagement. The platform offers high-quality, expert-verified dubbing and translation services designed to be cost-effective and accurate.

It utilizes proprietary best in class AI models, supplemented by a team of expert localization professionals. This creates high-quality dubbed content that is said to be indistinguishable from human dubbing.

The typical process includes creators providing original content, which the TranslateTracks team, in combination with their AI tool, transcribes, translates, and dubs.

The platform grants users access to customize the resulting subtitles and dubs. TranslateTracks also offers a unique feature for YouTube content creators, enabling them to create multi-language audio tracks, thus removing language barriers.

They additionally provide complete video translation services, including dubbed and screen translated content that is synchronized for realistic lip-action on video.

Along with dubbed audio tracks, users receive access to the platform for tweaks and original as well as translated subtitles. With TranslateTracks, users are thus equipped to reach a global audience, overcoming language and cultural barriers.


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TranslateTracks was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 17th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


High-quality translations
Expert-verified dubbing
Cost-effective localization
Realistic lip-syncing
Customizable subtitles and dubs
Service for YouTube creators
Multi-language audio tracks
Removal of language barriers
Complete video translation services
Dubbed and screen translated content
Platform access for tweaks
Helps reach global audience
Overcomes cultural barriers
Team of localization professionals
Indistinguishable from human dubbing
Feature for YouTube content creators
Translation services for all content
Increases global audience engagement
Translates and dubs original content
Synchronized for realistic lip-action
Service includes transcription, translation and dubbing
Subtitles in original and translated form
Enables content customization
Expert verified translations
Superior quality at reduced cost
Platform to customize subtitles and dubs


No automated workflow
Limited customization options
Over-reliance on expert team
No support for live audio
No in-app editing
Platform requires manual uploads
No support for regional variants
No text-to-speech feature
No multilingual support in subtitles
No transparent pricing model


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What is TranslateTracks' video translation process?
How does TranslateTracks ensure spoken words match actors' lip movements?
What original and translated subtitles does TranslateTracks provide?
How does TranslateTracks help to engage global audiences?
What does the process of using TranslateTracks include?
How does TranslateTracks guarantee quality translation?
Can TranslateTracks handle multiple languages at once?
What is the turnaround time for TranslateTracks' services?
What makes TranslateTracks' dubbing service cost-effective?
How accurate is TranslateTracks compared to other dubbing and translation services?
How can I estimate the cost of using TranslateTracks?
What type of content can be translated or dubbed using TranslateTracks?
Can TranslateTracks handle both video and audio translation?
What makes TranslateTracks' service indistinguishable from human dubbing?

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