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Translate your videos into 29+ languages and reach the entire world.
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Hello8 is an AI-powered tool designed to help users translate their video content into a variety of languages. It supports more than 29 languages including English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi, Italian and many more.

The tool offers much more than simple subtitles; it provides a full dubbing solution, allowing for the translation, proofreading, and modification of content, thus helping creators reach a global audience.

This AI tool is geared towards a wide range of users, such as content creators, marketers, agencies, and online educators. It translates video content with advanced features that enable the user to retain control over every word, while offering an automatic human-like voice over in just one click.

To make the content even more appealing and accessible globally, Hello8 incorporates localization features. This means that it doesn't merely translate the words but adapts the content to resonate with local cultures and languages of various markets, thereby maximizing the potential reach and impact of your videos.Hello8 also simplifies the process of video translation with the latest AI technology, reducing what might previously have taken weeks down to a matter of minutes.

This speedy translation process allows creators to launch their content in multiple languages simultaneously, thus facilitating a faster reach to a global audience.

An added feature of the tool is its ability to dub videos, which includes synchronizing the translated voice with the lip movements in the original video.


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Hello8 was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 1st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Supports 29+ languages
Complete dubbing solution
Allows content modification
Features proofreading options
Automatic voice-over feature
In-depth localization
Speedy translation process
Simultaneous multi-language launch
Dubbing with lip-sync
Control over every word
Designed for variety of users
Makes content globally appealing
Reduce subtitle creation time
One-click translation process
Target multiple markets
No manual voice-over requirement
Facilitates global content reach
Streamline content localization
Cater to diverse audience
Enhance translation quality
Ideal for content creators
Great for digital marketers
Useful for online educators
Boost global audience reach
Fast-track multi-language content release
Promotes content resonance
Maximize potential video impact
Saves weeks of work
Simplified video translation
Transforms content for local market
Content adaptation for cultures
Easy-to-use for agencies
Tailored messages across markets
Efficient content management
Effective text-to-speech transformation
Novel content creation aid
Immediate content shareability
Full automation assistance
Translates written and spoken word
Assists in global marketing
High fidelity voice dubbing
Cuts down workforce requirement
Potential multilingual support
Expands content outreach
Can replace traditional translators
Doesn't compromise voice quality
Prolific language variety
Versatile language input support


Limited to 29 languages
No offline functionality
Potential inaccuracies in translation
Adaption process may misinterpret context
Absence of human intonation in voice-overs
Limited localization features
Challenges in lip-synching translations
Possible loss of original meaning
Time efficiency may affect quality
No personalization in voice-over


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Can Hello8 translate my content into multiple languages simultaneously?
What is the maximum potential reach of Hello8?
How does Hello8 adapt content to resonate with local cultures and different languages?
Does Hello8 only translate or also proofreads and modifies content?
Is it easy to use Hello8 for the beginners?
Do I need any technical knowledge to use Hello8?
Can Hello8 generate automatic human-like voice overs?
How can I try out Hello8 for free?
What are the pricing plans for Hello8?
What resources are available to get more insights about Hello8?
Can Hello8 help market my content to a global audience?

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