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Multilingual video subtitle translation for all sectors.
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JimakuAI is an AI-powered tool designed for seamless English to Japanese and Japanese to English subtitle translations. It is suitable for businesses, educators, and content creators who aim to reach a wider audience by breaking language barriers.

Offering frame-accurate and context-aware translations, JimakuAI ensures accurate and precise subtitles for videos. The tool allows users to upload their Japanese or English video content and select the target language (English or Japanese).

It then utilizes advanced translation algorithms for accurate translations and provides the option to review and adjust the subtitles according to user preferences.

After translation, users can download the SRT file or directly burn the subtitles onto the video. The tool offers various practical use cases, including cross-cultural video sharing, corporate communication, global team collaboration, and news accessibility.

It empowers Japanese and English-speaking audiences to connect, collaborate, and comprehend seamlessly across borders. For pricing, JimakuAI provides different plans tailored to different needs, such as a trial plan with limited features, a starter plan for quick projects, a creator pro plan for dedicated creators, and an enterprise plan for large-scale operations and businesses with specific requirements.

The tool also offers customer support and account management for enterprise customers. JimakuAI is trusted by corporate clients, and it provides a FAQ section to address common questions about translating videos between Japanese and English.

Users can contact the JimakuAI team for further inquiries and support.


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