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Translation aid for software projects
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I18n Studio is a developer tool designed for macOS and powered by GPT4. It specializes in providing software localization services for iOS, macOS, Android, and JS projects.

This tool offers a brand new approach to translation and localization, making app localization easier than ever before. With a seamless integration with Xcode, VSCode, and Android Studio, any modifications, translations, or deletions are immediately reflected in your IDE.One of the key features of I18n Studio is its ability to combine localization services with translation fine-tuning through comments.

This unique approach allows for more precise translations. The tool also supports multi-platform development, making it convenient for developers working on different operating systems.The translation process within I18n Studio is streamlined and efficient.

It enables users to complete translations in multiple languages in just one minute. Users can translate individual values, keys, or entire languages with a simple click of a button.

The tool also supports batch translation into target languages.The workflow of I18n Studio involves loading multi-language files, performing translations, and saving the translated content back into the files.

This tool offers a customized and adaptable approach to various translation needs, allowing users to personalize their translations.I18n Studio is exclusively available for macOS 11+ users, and new users have the opportunity to receive 10k GPT4 tokens for free.


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