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Lingvanex provides a comprehensive suite of machine translation and speech recognition tools. Core functionality includes the translation of text, voice, images, and documents, supporting a wide array of applications.

The tool kit utilizes neural machine translation techniques to improve efficiency and productivity. Users have the capability to translate text, speech, and even text on images, files, and websites encompassing up to 109 languages.

The software also offers both cloud-based and on-premise translation solutions, ensuring data privacy. A key differentiator is Lingvanex’s ability to translate over 10,000 translation pairs, which signifies its wide-ranging linguistic capacity.

Lingvanex is designed to be integrated easily into products across various platforms, including Linux, Windows, MacOS, Web, and mobile. One of its specific features, custom glossaries, allows users to define translations for specific words and phrases.

The tool is available across various platforms including desktop (Windows and MacOS), mobile (iOS and Android), various browser extensions, and even for private messaging via chatbots.


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