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Multilingual PDF translation with format preservation.
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PDF Translator is an AI tool that can translate a wide range of document types, including native and scanned PDF files, images in jpeg, png, and heif formats, as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

With access to 136 different languages, the tool can deliver high-quality translations without compromising the original file format or layout of the document.

The tool uses Neural Machine Translation (NMT) models which are powered by leading industry providers Google and Microsoft, providing an efficient and reliable translation service.

By leveraging these AI capabilities, PDF Translator ensures that the translated text is accurate and effective across a diverse set of languages. Additionally, the tool caters to the needs of businesses and individuals globally, making it a valuable addition to any organization that needs to communicate effectively across language barriers.

The simple and user-friendly interface enables quick and easy translations with minimal effort. PDF Translator is a useful tool for professionals, researchers, and students alike, allowing them to access information in their preferred language with ease.

Overall, PDF Translator is a powerful AI tool that leverages NMT models for seamless translation across a variety of document types and languages, making it an efficient and reliable option for businesses and individuals looking to translate documents quickly and effectively.


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PDF Translator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Translates wide range of documents
Supports native and scanned PDFs
Translates images in jpeg, png, heif
Translates Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
136 different languages supported
Preserves original file format
Preserves original document layout
NMT models used for translation
Backed by Google and Microsoft
Targets businesses and individuals
Simple and user-friendly interface
Quick and efficient translations
Ideal for professionals, researchers, students


Limited file formats supported
Reliant on Google and Microsoft
No offline functionality
No Linux support
No API integration
No batch file processing
Possible formatting issues
No customisation options
No user profiles
No alignment with CAT tools


What is PDF Translator?
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What formats can PDF Translator translate?
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Does the PDF Translator maintain the original file format after translation?
Which translation models does PDF Translator use?
Who are the providers for the Neural Machine Translation models used by PDF Translator?
How does PDF Translator ensure accuracy in its translations?
Who would typically use the PDF Translator?
How user-friendly is the PDF Translator's interface?
Can PDF Translator be used by businesses for global communication?
How reliable is the PDF Translator for professional use?
What types of documents can be translated using PDF Translator?
In what scenarios can PDF Translator be useful?
Can I use PDF Translator to translate files into any language?
What is the quality of translations generated by PDF Translator?
Can the PDF Translator handle images for translation?
Does the PDF Translator handle both native and scanned PDF files?
Can PDF Translator translate Microsoft Office files?
Is PDF Translator accessible to individuals who aren't tech-savvy?


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