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Translator and grammar guide in English, German, Japanese
GPT welcome message: Hello! I offer support in English, German, Japanese, and detailed grammar.
Sample prompts:
How do you say 'welcome' in all three languages?
Translate 'good morning' into German and Japanese.
Explain 'sustainability' in English, German, and Japanese.
What's the weather like in Berlin, Tokyo, and New York?
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Japanese English German Learners is a GPT that provides support and guidance in language translation and understanding grammar nuances in English, German, and Japanese.

Designed by Akakura Shoma, the tool is beneficial for language specialists, researchers, students or anyone inclined towards learning and understanding these languages.

It does not just translate the languages as is, but provides contextual translation, thereby ensuring correct usage and comprehension. This aesthetically built GPT can translate common phrases, words, and sentences while also explaining important or complex concepts in all three languages.

It is equipped with a set of prompt starters, assisting users to start off interactive sessions such as 'how do you say 'welcome' in all three languages', 'translate 'good morning' into German and Japanese', or 'what's the weather like in Berlin, Tokyo, and New York'.

This further adds functionality to the tool to allow users to practice regular conversations or understand real-life situations in these languages. The GPT is built on top of ChatGPT and requires ChatGPT Plus to function.

The AI-powered tool executes multiple intricate tasks that assist users in expanding their linguistics skills in English, German, and Japanese, thus reducing the language barriers and facilitating easier conversation or comprehension.

Its comprehensive grammar guide allow users to structure sentences correctly, understand the basics of grammar, and learn complex grammar rules in an easy-to-understand manner.

Overall, this GPT is a robust tool for mastering English, German, and Japanese languages.


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