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Korean GPT is an AI tool designed to communicate and interact in Korean language. This tool, built on top of ChatGPT, is a linguistic-based model developed for understanding and responding to user inputs in an intuitive and accurate manner.

The tool offers a chat feature where users can sign up, interact with the model and improve their Korean language skills. The Korean GPT was implemented by Youn Yeo Won, and it requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to be used effectively, illustrating the integration and reliance on the ChatGPT platform for its functionality.

Even though designed specifically for the Korean language, it has the potential to bridge communication gaps by serving as a training tool for language learners or as a tool to facilitate conversation between Korean and non-Korean speakers.

The tool presents a welcoming message to create an engagement-friendly environment and uses a set of prompt starters for the AI to handle and direct the conversation in an appropriate and user-friendly manner.

The Korean GPT could be a great asset to anyone interested in learning Korean or needing support with the language. However, it should be noted that as with any AI language model, the accuracy and depth of its understanding and responses will improve over time and with continued use and improvements.


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