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ByChristopher Lovejoy
Immersive language learning and feedback
GPT welcome message: Hello! Which language would you like to learn today?
Sample prompts:
Quiero practicar mi español
I want to practice my English
Ich möchte mein Deutsch üben
मैं अपनी हिंदी अभ्यास करना चाहता हूँ
Je veux pratiquer mon français
أريد أن أمارس لغتي العربية
আমার আমার বাংলা চর্চা করা উচিত
Quero praticar meu português
Я хочу практиковать мой русский
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Language Coach is a GPT that offers immersive language learning and feedback. The goal of this GPT is to support users in practicing and enhancing their language skills.

Upon initiation, Language Coach prompts the user with a welcoming message asking which language they would like to learn for the day. It offers assistance in a wide array of languages as evidenced by its prompt starters, which include but are not limited to Spanish, English, Chinese, German, Hindi, French, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese, and Russian.

Thus, users seeking to diversify their language mastery have a broad selection to choose from. It is noteworthy to mention that although Language Coach is a standalone GPT, it requires ChatGPT Plus to function effectively.

As a result, it can be characterized as an added capability on top of ChatGPT. Overall, Language Coach is an AI-driven tool that aims to make language learning more interactive and engaging by providing immediate feedback.

It addresses users' specific learning needs, which can aid in a more tailored and effective language acquisition process.


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