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Language Atlas is an international tool devoted to language learning that utilises artificial intelligence to enhance users' studies in French and Spanish.

It comprises structured courses and lessons that adapt based on users' actions, providing a personalised learning experience. The courses are divided according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), spanning levels A0 to C1.

Each level includes lessons complete with explanations, examples with audio, and quizzes. A distinguishing feature of Language Atlas is the use of over 10,000 adaptive flashcards, a method proven to significantly improve language recall by combining the principles of active recall and spaced repetition.

Beyond individual study, Language Atlas hosts a global community of learners. Users can interact with others in forums, engaging in discussions and raising questions.

A unique three-step methodology suggests users to complete daily lessons and quizzes, utilise daily flashcards that adapt based on personal progression, and engage in weekly conversations with native speakers to enhance practical language skills.

After these interactions, users are encouraged to generate flashcards based on their conversations to reinforce newly learnt material.


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Pros and Cons


Structured language courses
Adapts to user actions
CEFR referenced
Complete audio-supported lessons
Utilizes adaptive flashcards
Over 10,000 flashcards
Utilizes active recall
Utilizes spaced repetition
Global learner community
Interactive language forums
Engages users with natives
Three-step learning methodology
Encourages flashcard generation
Personalized progression
Supports French
Supports Spanish
Applicable from A0 to C1


Only covers French and Spanish
No mobile app
No offline access
No voice recognition feature
No live tutoring options
Requires weekly conversations
Limited CEFR Levels (A0-C1)
Lacks multi-language support
Forum-based community
User-generated flashcards


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